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20 Technical Topics for Presentation

Can’t deсide what to make your technical presentation about?  Just read this article with some advice, use a list of 20 technical topics for presentation and check out our section with Computer & Internet topics. 

It is very important to present a topic that you really care about. Technical presentation topics require a lot of apa vs mla research work so if it is something that is not of a great interest to you and you don’t care about it, then you will not be able to give a successful presentation. Your own attitude counts as a half of the work done so don’t close your eyes on this factor.

Next thing is your content: try to make every picture, every word and even every joke of your presentation meaningful. Your information has to be coming from you and your slides are only there to support you. They can make an outline for the audience to follow your ideas but don’t make power point take your position of the main source of information. The quality of your presentation depends on how well the audience understands your material so consider this fact in the first place.

You need to show your listeners that your problem was difficult but solved and was worth solving it. You need to know how to make complex material understandable and easy to follow. That’s why you need a clear structure of the presentation:

make sure you have introduction which clearly states your topic or the problem;
then give your audience a table of contents that will help your listeners to see the whole plan of the presentation;
in the body part present causes, advantages and disadvantages of the problem and back it up with some graphs, diagrams or statistics;
after that part is done, demonstrate your solutions or conclusions to that problem.
Be prepared for questions from the audience and don’t be afraid of them: questions show that your presentation caught somebody’s attention and was memorable.

Here is the list of some technical presentation topics:

1)      4G Wireless Technology

2)      Advanced Cooling Systems

3)      Advanced Plastics

4)      Air Pollution Control

5)      Air Powered Cars

6)      Airbags & ABS

7)      Android Operating System

8)      Artificial Intelligence in Machines

9)      Biometric Technology

10)  Blue Ray – Future of DVD’s

11)  Blue Tooth Technology

12)  Concept of Cars

13)  Effect of Oil Spill on Marine Environment

14)  Fluid Focus Lens

15)  Future of Satellite Communication

16)  Geo-Thermal Energy

17)  Hazardous Waste Disposal

18)  Improving the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in post-conflict situations

19)  Intelligent Transportation Systems

20)  Solar Power Enabled Mobile Phones

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